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Anglo American fined R $ 125 million for first pipeline rupture in Minas Gerais

On April 4, the Minas Gerais State Department of Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMAD) issued the notice of infraction regarding the first rupture of Anglo American pipeline, which contaminated the Ribeirão de Santo Antônio do Grama in Zona da Mata, with 474 tons of ore pulp. The mining company was fined R $ 125 million for the first rupture, which happened on March 12 of the current year.

The calculation of the fine considered pollution and environmental degradation that caused damage to water resources and the public health hazard of the population.

Minas-Rio pipeline activities will be paralyzed for a period of 90 days, according to Anglo American, due to inspection processes, the company said. However, in reality the Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources - IBAMA, suspended the environmental licensing of the pipeline.

Anglo American decided to give a collective holiday for part of the workers at the mine, plant and filtration plant for 30 days, to start on April 17. According to the company, there will be a talk with the Union and government to define alternatives for workers.

The fine over the second disruption, which occurred on March 29, is still being studied by the SEMAD and will be communicated soon.

The fact that there is a fine, does not mean that the company will make the payment. Usually, mining companies have a practice of contesting the fines in court, opening long court battles to avoid paying the fines received for their own impacts. In the case of the rupture of the Samarco tailings dam (Vale and BHP Billiton) occurred two years ago, Samarco has not paid anything yet.

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